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Avoiding that morning rush

Because you are a parent, I know you have experienced that all too familiar rush to get everyone out the door five minutes ago. It seems like no matter what you do, you are always late and inevitably have left something behind.

In the moment, you are mad at yourself, you’re mad at your kids, you’re mad at your husband, you’re even mad at the lone sock that was stuffed into your child’s dirty rain boot. How is it that the dryer keep eating your kid’s socks?

Deep down though, you are more than just mad. You feel out of control and disheveled. You may even yell, LOUDLY. This inevitably brings up feelings of shame and if you are like most of us, shame only leads to more anger. The cycle continues.

Your mind is playing the comparison game and it is stuck on a single question. “How come everyone else seems to be so much more put together than me?” Truth bomb: They are not!

We all struggle with these feelings of inferiority. So let’s get one thing straight. Regardless of how you look or whether you get to your destination on time, you are good enough.

You are a good enough person and you are a good enough mom. All we can do is our best. With that said, there is always room for growth. That is were I come in. I am here to give you a few tips on how to facilitate getting your kids out the door.

5 Tips to Avoid the Morning Chaos

1.) Prep as much as possible. This can include making breakfast and picking out clothes the night before. Hint: Provide your children with two or three options to help them to feel empowered while you still remain in control of what they are eating and wearing.

2.) Enact a new rule. Kids must get all necessary things done before being allowed to engage in a pleasurable morning activity. For example, breakfast eaten and teeth brushed before TV.

3.) Turn getting ready into a game. Set a timer and ask your kids to finish all morning chores before the timer goes off. Rewards are intrinsic so no external reward is necessary.

4.) Prioritize sleep. If your child is throwing a tantrum before walking out the door, he may just be tired. Remind yourself that his poor sleep the night before is not a direct reflection on your parenting skills.

5.) Allow for imperfection. I cannot emphasize this enough. Sometimes you will be late and your hair won’t always cooperate. That is okay. Remember, your mistakes don’t define who you are. You are good enough just as you are… MESSY BUN AND ALL!

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