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mindful mothering

 Looking to de-stress and connect with like minded women?

you have come to the right place!

mindful mothering is an online support program that has been helping moms connect and make the most of the moment for the past three years.


there is strength in the differences among us and comfort where we overlap. No one is alone here! Moms with children of any age are welcome.

Join the movement!


Mommy and me classes

Join us for our mindfulness and yoga adventure classes


Parents and children will:
Learn mindfulness skills 
Practice relaxation techniques
Engage in a yoga adventure
Make an arts and crafts take home gift
meditate and more!


Private classes

dr. Salazar offers private workshops in the comfort of your own home. Simply gather a group of like-minded mothers and call to schedule.

new classes coming soon... stay tuned!

Mindful Mothering
Mindful Mothering
Mindful Mothering
Mindful Mothering
Mindful Mothering
Mindful Mothering
Mindful Mothering
Mindful Mothering
Mindful Mothering


“Amanda has this way about her that is very welcoming, disarming and inclusive.  When you walk into one of her workshops, she treats you like you are one of her dear friends.  For those of us who get 'weird' in new situations with new people, this has a tremendous calming effect on a person! All of her content is valid, relevant and backed with science and experience.  I love how there are no judgments about any one person or about their feelings or expressions.  I love how that is her message that one should say to themselves as they trod through life's daily grind - with kids or not! I highly recommend Amanda's workshops or retreats.  She makes it easy to learn and adapt mindfulness into your life.  Therefore, they are a wonderful gift to give yourself!” (Justine, Islip)


“I highly recommend Amanda and her mindful mothering workshop. The class was so informative, interesting and fun! It was so great to connect with other like-minded mothers and learn that we all have those moments of doubts. What I learned from the workshop, I now use every day. It has changed who I am as a mother and a partner and as a result has changed my children's and partners relationship with me. I am so grateful to have met Amanda and to have taken this incredible workshop. The journey of motherhood is the most challenging yet most rewarding journey we can be on... why not learn to make the best of it! Thank you again Amanda for all you have taught me.” 

(Jaclyn, West Babylon)


“Mindfulness went from the completely unknown and unexpected, to a more meaningful and connected way to look at everything and everyone around me.  Anxiety and depression have been part of my life for many years, unknowingly, I was adding to that stress by having my brain listen to my thoughts.  At first thought, I said “you can’t teach this old dog new tricks”, as a mother of teenagers, I’ve made my mistakes…but the timing couldn’t have been more perfect for me.  I love being on a more connected level with those around me.  I am finally a positive spouse, mother, friend and co-worker! I learned how to listen! Meditation was something that I always wanted to explore, and this combination has helped me in so many ways, from falling asleep at night to opening my heart and mind to myself and those around me.  I am so grateful for this awakening and my only regret was that I wasn’t already living this way my whole life.”

(Michele West Islip)


"I really enjoyed the mindful mothering class. Thank you Amanda for offering it. It has been invaluable to me to be able to step back from each day and each week, find a few moments of calm and reflection, and do something for myself. I am forever grateful."

(Kristin, West Islip)


"I recommend the mindful mothering series to all moms. Amanda and the other women in the group were so supportive. The activities seemed like they were exactly what everyone needed that day. It was something that I looked forward to every week."

(Heidi, Islip)


"Amanda is a great teacher. She has a calming demeanor and creates a safe, nonjudgmental environment. I was new to meditation, yet she was able to teach me to integrate it into my daily life. I definitely look forward to taking future classes with her!"

(Deb, Middle Island)

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