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Follow along with one of my FREE guided meditations and then take a stand.
Let me show you how transformative mindfulness can be. 


Dr. Amanda Salazar - 5 Minute Breathing
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“When mindfulness embraces those we love, they bloom like flowers”

-Thich Nhat Hanh

Mindfulness Inspired


He Is Me


I am he and he is me. For at times I know that despair… the pull of wanting to be seen and wanting to hide. Fearing that I don’t belong and that I am not worthy of love. I know the cloak of loneliness. I feel the resentment of being overworked and underappreciated. We all do.


I feel it. In the tension seizing my body as I casually spew hatred back and forth with a friend. I taste it. In the bitterness that creeps up the back of my throat choking the air that I breathe. I see it. In the hours that I scroll mindlessly on social media avoiding my responsibilities. I smell it. In the processed food that I binge on because I am too ashamed to acknowledge my intense emotions. I hear it. In my own voice when I tell myself that I am nothing but a failure.


Did he experience it too? The pain and suffocation. The idling mind and numbing shame. Did he tell himself he was worthless? Did anyone tell him he was wrong? Instead of screaming to be heard over the sound of cascading bullets, maybe he would have known that his life was worth more. That he mattered.


We all matter and it is about time that we start acting like it. In this call to action I invite you to embark on a journey of loving kindness. Let’s come together to spread love and kindness. Only through love can we heal hate.

The Unspeakable


I cry with them

The ones who have suffered the unspeakable

My heart cannot comprehend such sadness

My body does not appreciate

The magnitude of sorrow and strength

Needed to continue living in a world that is shattered


I cry for me

I have not suffered the unspeakable

My heart does not have to understand

My body does not know those depths of despair

Yet sometimes I question my inner strength

My inability to soften

Some days my world feels so hollow


At times, I am tormented by a whirlwind of emotions

The frustration and disgust

For him and her

Her and him

And then for me


The judgments hit hard

Their impact is blinding

Before I can regain my stability, I am ricocheted

The rebound leaves me gasping for breath

Franticly searching for dignity

How can I be so ungrateful

So disgusting


For I have not suffered the unspeakable

Still I want to run away

How can I want to leave

When others would give anything for one more moment

One more breath


I am a monster

Unnatural and undeserving


I find myself desperately searching for space

A little more room to breathe

But how can I be so self-indulgent

When there are others who have been suffocated

Air has failed them… everything has failed them

Am I failing them too?


Look around and see the chaos rise

Mounting momentum with a few more lies

Instability feeding hatred and fear

Helplessness drowned by drugs and beer

Anger masking confusion and doubt

A silent stirring begging to come out

But wait my friend, no need to ignite

It is not time yet, reserve the fight

First find stillness a nonreactive stance

The time will come; you will have your chance

Turning inward is the only way

Tuning the violin before you play

Refrain from action until the mind is clear

When the time is ready the army will appear


Birthing a child begins the rebirth of the self

It is an opportunity for inception

A commencement

To begin living in alignment with your truth





I don’t need to ask any questions

I don’t need to seek further guidance

Because I already know

The silence has taught me well

There is no such thing as fairness

Death does not discriminate

Chance and impermanence dictate

But do not falter

Do not allow this truth to change you

Remain still and receptive

There is no need for hatred or blame

It will only block the flow of life

It will merely harden your delicate soul

Observe the hurt poured forth

Somehow take comfort in the pain

Writhe in the agony

Balance on the support of others

For to suffer is to be human

And to be human is to be peace






I look at him with hatred

In his eyes are the reflections of my failures

I look at him and I see me

The flawed, dispassionate, the ugly

Stripped of all my glory

Unable to cling to my accolades

Instead I am barren

Feeble and uncertain

He mirrors my truth

Reminds me that I cannot and will not defy destiny

I look at him and I feel lost

Scared, hopeless, and empty

He refuses to sugarcoat it

Will not allow me to hide behind my defenses

He tells me to PAUSE

Stop pretending that living this way is okay

It is not

I look at him

Closer this time

And he tells me 

To choose to love

To offer compassion towards the ambiguity, the insecurity 

How many times must he tell me before I listen?





Follow the cracks in your heart

Careening cautiously

As not to miss any aberration

Each stitch a story

A triumph, a tragedy

A collection of moments

That define your life…

If you let them


Follow the trail of terror

The memory that you try to ignore

The one that will not let you forget

The moment that broke your heart open

And allowed for the cracks to form


Look closer



Closer even


Until you are face to face with the reality

The beauty of the break

The openness

The expansion


Allow the mind to settle

Watch as the fear floats away

Drifting into the divine

Feel the peace of the present moment

Notice how nothing changed

Yet somehow everything changed


The terror transcends to triumph

Devastation to deliverance

There is a freedom in letting go

A sense of wisdom in the stillness


Be curious

Embrace the unknown


Follow the cracks in your heart

Who knows where they may lead





When you look into the mirror please tell, what do you see

Is your focus surface level, shallow, a narrow definition of me

Do you get stuck on imperfections, the flaws you try to hide

What happens when you go you deeper, ending up on the other side

Can you sit with the chaos, the unearthing of the soul

Quieting the mind without striving toward a goal

Will you stay present as the vultures dive in, tearing at the flesh

Unmoving as the afterglow leaves you tingling and refreshed

A moment of clarity carrying brilliance in its wake

Followed by the lull of monotony, a dull and throbbing ache

See them all as one, together in a single frame

No need for attachment, persecution or blame

For life is a collection of moments, one no better than the next

A network of interconnection, untamed and complex

“Your meditations are beautiful. Thank you Amanda for your time, support and encouragement.”

-Krista, Deer Park

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