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Mindfulness is paying attention to what is happening right now without judgment. It is truly that easy!  This simple practice carries with it so many benefits.


Mindfulness helps people calm down and concentrate better, allowing individuals to work more effectively. It provides a sense of peace, even when the surrounding world is chaotic. Mindfulness has the ability to ease physical conditions and emotional struggles. Plus it is backed by research!


The biggest hurdle is starting and that is where Dr. Salazar comes in. She offers presentations to help individuals as well as organization incorporate mindfulness into everyday life. Book a lecture with Dr. Salazar and you can be guaranteed to have an informative and memorable experience.


Sample topics include:

*Bringing Mindfulness to the Classroom*

*Creating Healthy Boundaries with Technology*

*Mindfulness for Stress Reduction*

Set up an appointment and let Dr. Salazar create a personalized plan to fit your needs.

“I was fortunate enough to be a part of a school-wide mindfulness workshop with Dr. Salazar. She was able to provide valuable information and practical ideas related to incorporating mindfulness into the classrooms. Her exercises were engaging and greatly aided in the understanding of the different components of mindfulness. I look forward to making use of her ideas with my students this year.”

-Dr. Mante, School Psychologist

“I attended one of Dr. Salazar's presentations on Mindfulness and found her to be both an expert practitioner and outstanding, relatable presenter.  Mindfulness skills can very easily be "taught" by anyone who has read up on it enough, but it takes someone who truly "lives it" to help others live it themselves.  Dr. Salazar is this kind of practitioner.” 

-Dr Cavuoto, Clinical Psychologist  

"I invited Dr. Amanda Salazar to provide a workshop for the entire faculty at HAFTR Middle School as a first step in helping us implement mindfulness practices as part of the culture of our school. Given Dr. Salazar's extensive training, workshops on mindfulness and research on the impact of a mindfulness curriculum on high school students, I knew that her workshop would be inspiring and informative.


Dr. Salazar's workshop surpassed our highest expectations! She provided us with a strong foundation regarding the research behind mindfulness, the reasons why practicing mindfulness is so imperative given our daily culture, and provided us with compelling evidence as to how practicing mindfulness can truly change our minds and bodies.


Dr. Salazar's presentation was enjoyable hands on. Even the most skeptical of participants became engaged as we practiced different meditation exercises and body scans. We left the workshop feeling calm, peaceful and empowered to share what we have learned with our students and families.


The staff at HAFTR middle school is already clamoring for us to bring Dr. Salazar back for a second workshop. Her informative and engaging manner made her workshop an incredible success, and we cannot wait to partner with her again to improve our well-being as well as that of our students!"


-Dr. Yali Werzberger, Director of Student Services

HAFTR Middle School

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