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April 26, 2019

Mindfulness asks us to make a concerted effort to pay attention to what we are doing. It asks us to refrain from judgment and stop making assumptions. It tells us to take on a beginner’s mind, opening us up to a new world of possibilities. Mindfulness is a difficult practice, but it gets easier over time. Mindfulness teaches us to live in a way that is conducive for mental health. It allows us the opportunity to pause before engaging in habitual behavior.

You know the kind of behavior that I am talking about.. the numbing behavior. It invites us to pause and ask ourselves why we are searching for the bag of chips or why we are impulsively reaching for our phones. Mindfulness reduces the level of attachment to our thoughts and as a result it also reduces the need for social comparison.

And as we know, social comparison is the thief of joy and the fuel for anxiety. Mindfulness asks us to pause and bask in a sense of gratitude for all of the things going right in our lives. It reminds us...

April 15, 2019

Yesterday, while my son napped, I helped my daughter paint a unicorn-themed canvas. She was having a blast spending alone time with her mom. I could tell that she was loving the fact that we were making our own colors by mixing the white and black with a variety of other colors. She kept sayings things like, "look how great this looks" and "I bet this color combination is going to be just perfect." Mind you, she is a loquacious little girl. 

While we were working on the project her grandpa stopped by to say hello. She eagerly explained that she was creating a beautiful project. She wanted him to watch her paint and was legitimately confused when he said he had to go. I could see that her little brain was fruitlessly trying to figure out how anything could be more exciting than watching her paint. When her grandpa left she stated, "I am going to give this to Poppy when I am done and he is going to be sooooo excited," obviously projecting her own excitement....

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